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For the past 8 months I've been even more consistent with my fitness journey. I'm not where I want to be but hey it took years to pack on the weight so I got to patient right?!

There's fitness gurus that I follow on YouTube that are quite interesting and fun!

Me personally I find them more helpful than going to the gym, They keep me more disciplined in the comfort of my own home!

Here are my top five favorite Fitness Youtubers:

  • BODY FOR DAYS by Jerrika- She does walking exercises at home. She gives you many workout moves that enhances fat burning at a good pace. She also shows her weight loss journey as well as what foods she eats on a daily.

  • Juice & Toya -This popular YouTube couple does body fitness that's beginner and intermediate. They include weights, strength training and different types of cardio to enhance fat burning and muscle build. Their videos are also great for couples who are on weight loss journeys together.

  • Chloe Ting - Chloe's fitness videos are amazing and helps a lot of people hit their fitness goals effectively. Her videos are short, good for busy people or if you need a quick boost if you're feeling drained. She works on glutes, abs, arms and legs, with or without weights. You will feel the burn even doing 10 min workouts.

  • Grow With Jo - When I started my journey over again, and wanted to try home workouts, I happened upon Grow with JO. She has a lot of spunk and energy. She is a "pick me up" when your tired or simply do not want to workout. She has walking exercises and dance exercises to get you going. Her smiles and energetic upbeat will help you prolong your workouts.

  • AND8 - Twin sisters who do urban, pop and dance workouts that gets you pumped in minutes. I love the dance moves and they're so playful and easy to understand. They also have videos of walking you through the steps but as long as you keep going you'll do fine. The dances are intense but you'll break a sweat for sure. They have a great song selection to jam to, so if you like to dance your fat off, try their videos!

So there you have it, please check out these fitness flavors for your liking, I bet you all will gain a new found love for fitness at home. Peace!


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