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THE WEIGHT OF IT ALL. The changes women go through in weight gain.

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The START The biggest trouble among women especially mothers is weight gain. Before having my son who is now 14, I weighed 140. I kid you not I haven't seen that number since,and its like it never happened. Like, it was a complete blur,a dream, a memory at best. So, I stayed at 180 lbs for years til maybe 2017 and my weight picked up and got to 230 lbs. I do believe also, our positions in life depend on how we maintain,lose or gain weight.

WORK & FOOD I started working as a medical transports/911 dispatcher 2016, of course, I sat at a desk for 12 HOURS! Oh how those food runs and snacks were the death of me,and not to mention that center had a kitchen,with a stove and TWO refrigerators! Imagine all of that space and room to eat,cook and save the rest of your big fast food or cooked meals for later! The walks around the building or up the street wasn't enough because as soon as I went back to my chair hunger peaked in. When I left that job, I started eating better little by little, and was working a job that consisted of 4-8 hours shifts,even though it was another call center, it didn't have a lot of down time between hours so I stayed busy throughout the day. In reality,taking 911 calls and having to be totally accurate at all times,causes anxiety and stress. THE PROBLEM Stress is one of the main affects of weight gain. Being a working mom, stay-at-home mom,single mom,etc. any of those cause a tremendous amount of stress. Please don't get me started on the many thoughts of surgeries we wish we can afford. The large demand for Dr. Miami is high and some of us cant book those appointments. So what do we do? Turn to diets,weight loss pills,weight loss shakes, to get this fat off fast and easy. Believe me last year I went from 220 to 205 lbs in a span of two month, by exercising mainly walking, and watching what I ate. But, in January of this year the stresses of buying a home and moving, I gained that weight right back. I sit here typing, at 208 lbs and

yes once again,LOSING WEIGHT. I've settled in and looking at STRESS as my downfall. I did some research and noticed we have a stress hormone,called Cortisol and its alive and its working to keep us together but our bodies are resisting!

Here's the link 👉 MAYBE A SOLUTION As our bodies are trying to work with the cortisol, we're dealing with hormones,stress,depression,high blood pressure,anxiety,etc. Trying to fit in weight loss with everyday situations is very tough on our bodies. I'm learning to have a balance in life and taking the time to readjust myself. Working on being more positive and saying to myself "its okay". Us moms need that extra mile sometimes to start on our journey. Right Now I'm taking it slow; watching my eating, researching food more,not eating fast food but getting a bite once in a while at a good quality restaurant, walking or exercise in the morning. Having a BMI scale helps a lot to track where in my body the weight is going. Overall, we're hard on ourselves and want that quick fix when in reality, WE are our quick fix, we have to work on US!

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