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The Extension of Support

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

You ever showed support to people and they don't acknowledge it?

I feel like because I'm an empathetic person I can't just ignore someone's cry for help or support. I want to be there for them,I want them to see me as a person who they can count on. But, that quickly backfires everytime,because people really don't want support,they want attention and to feel loved. That type of behavior from people,steals your positive energy,steals your hope of what you believe in people.

My advice, don't lose who are you,yes stay empathic, that's God's gift to the loving person that you are,but don't give that type of access to those people again. Not everyone is that hell bent on attention,some people truly need guidance.

Here's 5 signs on how you can spot someone who needs no support but attention:

  1. They constantly have something negative going on.

  2. They posts a lot of grieving type things on social media.

  3. When you comment your support, they ignore it.

  4. They post sympathy baits about not being supported, when many people have shown that.

  5. Everyone who passes away,they have to post about them.


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