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No New Friends?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

For years I've always tried having female friends. But since childhood, it never worked out as planned because in reality, friendships with other women are always toxic.

I remember in grade school I was very quiet and wore the huge glasses, so that made some girls feel like they can push me over. From there I always felt a heaviness from certain types of women. A heaviness of "STAY AWAY",but still wanted to attempt building friendships with other girls. So, I started to want to surround myself with other guys to avoid having to connect with girls. I noticed, guys aren't as caddy,petty,envious and mean acting,they even know how to move passed drama. Now let's not get it confused, guys have drama too,but they don't dwell and it's easier to continue friendships because they admit their wrongs,and wanna move on from it. Atleast that's my experience with men.

Over the years,now being 35, not claiming as a diagnosis, ptsd is what I feel is possibly what I may have. I always feel like building new friendships with other women, will eventually be a task because they act like they like me but because I'm a cool, relaxed person, that may be a threat. Like I don't have Drama in my life, and some women feed off that and bring negative energy. Being an EMPATH I notice things about people,I feel vibes of all sorts and I don't like those attachments to me.

Being friends with women is a gamble, I only have ONE female best friend and female cousin that I communicate with. I stay to myself and don't bother nobody. Being a married woman has shown me how envious and how desperate some can be. When a woman works hard to get close to you, she'll develop frustration and anger especially, if you're not telling her your business.

When befriending other women tread those waters lightly, if you've experienced something similar,pray on it, stick to what you know and DONT LET THEM TAKE YOUR Being your friend for granted.

Are you content with not making new relationships with women?

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