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Mental Health & Weight

I was so motivated,like everytime I start trying to eat better,exercise, suddenly something triggers me and I'm unmotivated. I called it "situational depression,when I'm going through something specific that turns me completely off. I'm not interested in anything, I don't want to get out of my bed and I get restless.

For instance, the majority of the time I don't even know why I'm depressed but I can barely move around and function. But then, food comes into play and that's what gets me everytime. I'm a snacker when I'm stressed out,and lately it's been a lot of snacks. I love 20 lbs and gained some back. Between working a job that's fun,laid back,great benefits,but the commute hurts my gas tank and having a teenager going through his own journey in his chapter of life, Babbby,how do I even have the strength?

I haven't completely given up just finding the strength to continue on my weightloss journey and food holds me hostage. I put story out there so show nobody's perfect and we can lose ourselves in the process also being too hard on yourself.

All of us having these issues doesn't define who we are, but we have to keep going, not only for our good health but for our sanity!


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