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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

We all have had or have an envious friend but don't know the signs and can't really put our finger on it. We wrestle with the thoughts of someone being close to you but not liking you.

Here are signs on what to look for.

  1. When you're going through something, she can't be reached but she expects for you to be available for her issues.

  2. You try to set up going out with her but she doesn't follow through, she leaves you on "read".

  3. On Social Media, your posts aren't "liked" "heart" not even so much as a comment from your friend.

  4. Events, you always show up for her, make room on your schedule but she doesn't show up for you .

  5. You see her constantly posting pictures with other friends out on the town.

  6. When she does comment on your posts, its in constant disagreement.

  7. She gives backhanded compliments and never shows interest in anything you do.

  8. Having a disagreement is very childish with her, she gets real rude and nasty towards you.

  9. She becomes distant when you get into relationships.

  10. While everyone is cheering, she's not ever happy for you.

feeling, full of, or expressing envy—a mostly negative feeling of desire for something that someone else has and you do not.

It's very disappointing to realize that the person you call a friend is envious on you and that becomes a little depressing . The reason I say it becomes depressing because a friendship is a relationship, and you trusted this person to be by your side. Overall, it hurts you knowing that they are this way towards you.

You do not have to stick by a friend like that at all. That's energy you can put towards the people that are genuine and do not be afraid to end that friendship. God shows you who people are and you have to believe it. You don't have to even be upset with them because envy is their issue not yours.

Do not beat yourself up and think there's anything wrong with you. Understand that if you were a good friend to them, no shame on your part, but it's best to move on. Moving on is for the betterment of your soul and your mental.

No matter how strong the bond of a relationship is, jealousy can break its strength.

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