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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

When I had my son, I was 20 years old and knew nothing about being a mother. But, I knew I had to step up, go through this journey called MOTHERHOOD and live it! I had an emergency C-section due to my son losing oxygen after me being in labor for 24 hours. The whole experience scared the living crap out of me and I wasn't interested in going through that pain again. My first six months of being a first time mother was very difficult, Adjusting to the weight gain, not being able to breastfeed, no support from the father of my son nor his family. I felt defeated in a way, Life was so different for me at a young age.

When my son was one year old, I became a single mother. Imagine, sitting on your couch clueless, and your boyfriend (son's father) telling you it's not working out. But, at that moment, what was I to do? Cry? no!, Yell? no!. All I could say is OK! and the next morning in the pouring rain, I put my son in the car and searched for an apartment. I found an apartment that day! At 21 years old, I just did what I had to do, and that struggle of my life made no room for more kids. It was me and my son for about 12 years before I met my husband.

But being a mother to a singleton has its advantages like, getting more sleep and babysitters (parents) barely complain. The disadvantages include the exclusion of kid parties, YES, I'm always excluded from the fun. I've always felt shade from some moms with multiple children. It's quite hilarious, because if it was a different life I'd probably have one more. I can't help

that I took precautions and didn't want another "baby daddy". Because being a single mother without a steady relationship, and getting pregnant is not something I believe in, for MYSELF. I wanted to set a good example for my son and not be reckless. During these years of single motherhood, people thought me choosing to be single and not getting knocked up, that I still was holding on to old feelings. I guess you just can't have sense enough to hold on to your ovaries!

Now my son is 15, doing his own thing and I'm lost because I have a hard time breaking away. My husband and I have been together for almost four years, married for one year and we're still not sure about having a baby together, he has no kids. So, the Singleton has had his own room, has made friends and takes good care of our pets. So, besides the typical attitudes and adjustments to the teen stages, he's having a good time. When it comes to having friends, he's the only friend that has no siblings. Hell, I don't know that many women with just ONE kid, its super rare.

Overall, being 35 years old now with just ONE kid is a breeze I admit and I don't regret having just one kid, it taught me patience and gave me time to bond with him without having to share time with other children.

I always tell women don't feel ashamed for not wanting a big family and that they're the boss of their eggs, no one else can make that choice to choose. It's not for everybody, and you'll have more time with your SINGLETON.

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